News Letter 006 Import of Used Machinery

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Today, we would like to reiterate the procedures for importing used equipment, which we have received inquiries about from time to time.
The law on importation of used equipment was revised in 2019, No. 18/2019/QD-TTg, which is still valid and up-to-date. The English translation of the law can be downloaded from the following URL.

Outline for this regulation are 3points as below:
(1) The age of equipment shall not exceed 10 years.
(2) Equipment used in specific fields is allowed to be manufactured up to 15 to 20 years old.
(3) Separate application procedures are required for cases exceeding the above years.
The number of years is counted as the year of importation – the year of manufacture = the number of years elapsed.
Example: In the case of import in 2023
Manufactured in 2013 ・・・ 10 years (applicable to (1) above)
Manufactured in 2012・・・11 years (not applicable (1) above)

Since the specified field in (2) is determined by the type of equipment (HS code), it is possible to check whether or not it corresponds to (2) by first confirming the HS code (6 digits) at the place of loading.

Please download the document that briefly summarizes the above from the link below.
If you need more detailed information, please contact us at the address below or our sales representative.
Download the English translation of the law:
Download our documents:

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