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Following the previous article on “Procedures for Starting to Use Bonded Warehouses,” today we would like to introduce some examples of the use of bonded warehouses.

Case 1
Import sales under the name of a non-resident
One of the features of bonded warehouses is that inventory under the name of a non-resident (a corporation or individual who does not have a base in Vietnam) is allowed. Using this feature, goods to be sold in Vietnam are brought into Vietnam, stored in bonded inventory, and delivered to Vietnam based on orders from customers.
This makes it possible to deliver to bonded manufacturers such as EPE companies, as well as to sell to domestic companies, with the timing of tax payment being close to the timing of sales.

Case 2
Export sales under the name of a non-resident
This scheme is the reverse of Case 1, but allows non-residents who have outsourced production to EPE companies to temporarily store goods before exporting them from Vietnam to other countries. Temporary storage allows for delivery date adjustments, and when selling similar products to multiple countries, it is possible to adjust the quantity after receiving an order. It may also be possible to change the packaging under certain conditions. (e.g., packing in boxes with different languages, etc.)


Case 3
Import and Sales by a Vietnamese Corporation
The use of bonded warehouses is allowed for Vietnamese corporations.
As in Case 1, the main use of bonded warehouses is for pre-delivery inventory to EPE companies or for domestic sales.

We operate bonded warehouses in the northern and southern regions of Vietnam. We will facilitate various operations in smooth communication with the competent customs authorities.

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