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Today, we would like to introduce the procedures for using bonded warehouses, titles as [Bonded Warehouse 01].

Bonded warehouse operator・・・・A logistics company like us
Bonded warehouse user: Cargo Owners (foreign companies, Vietnamese companies)
(1) Usage contract between bonded warehouse user and bonded warehouse operator
(2) Submission of relevant documents
(3) Submission of the contract and related documents to the competent customs office,
(4) Approval from customs
(5) Commencement of use

Lead time for reference
(1) (2) Paper-based contract procedures, submission of related documents: several days to one week
(3) (4) after preparation of contract and other related documents, 2-3 days

Unlike setting up a bonded warehouse from scratch, this procedure involves registering a shipper company within a bonded operator’s warehouse that has already been approved, and can be established in a relatively short period of time.
There are various ways to utilize this service, such as bonded storage of imported goods sold to EPE companies or inventory held by non-residents of foreign companies. We will introduce specific examples in the next issue.

We operate bonded warehouses in the northern and southern regions of Vietnam, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Dragon Logistics
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