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News Letter 001 On the spot trading

Thank you very much for your continued support. Since May of this year, there have been various discussions and seminars on the prospects of the system, but as of today, no final conclusion has been reached. On the other hand, there are some customs offices that already do not allow “on the spot” import/export transactions, and we have received many inquiries.
Some companies are switching to this scheme, as the scheme that utilizes bonded warehouses for commercial distribution through foreign corporations continues to operate as before even after the restrictions on “on the spot” imports and exports were imposed.

Although the official notification has not yet been issued, and there is no nationwide uniformity, we operate bonded warehouses in northern Vietnam (Hanoi Hung Yen) and southern Vietnam (Dong Nai), so we would be happy to hear from anyone who is having trouble with “on the spot” import/export transactions.

Warm Regards
Dragon Logistics


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