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News Letter 009 One of the options against power shortage next summer. Proposal to utilize external warehouse

Thank you very much for your continued support.

This is a newsletter from Dragon Logistics.

It may be fresh in your minds that many factories in the northern part of Vietnam were forced to restrict their operations last year due to power shortages.

It is said that the power situation in the north will not improve suddenly, and there is a concern that a similar situation may occur this year, depending on the weather.

We have heard that some companies are considering increasing their inventories of products or raw materials for production in order to prepare for power shortages, and we at Dragon Logistics would like to ask you about your warehouse needs in advance and make optimal proposals and preparations.

In particular, EPE companies should be aware that the conditions for approval from the competent customs authorities for the use of external warehouses are becoming stricter and tend to take longer.


We would be happy to hear from you regardless of the type of goods: bonded, domestic cargo, non-resident inventory, products, or raw materials for production.

Warm Regards

Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd.

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This newsletter is based on information provided by our company in accordance with the law and actual practice, but we cannot guarantee that the same practice will be followed in all cases. Please understand and use this information as general information only.

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